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5 Early Heart Attack Symptoms In The Morning

5 early signs of a heart attack.

by Ashok Raina
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 Early heart attack symptoms in the morning: Getting up out of your bed if you find any of the symptoms listed below, shouldn’t be taken lightly and it needs consultation with a doctor. Any of these signs may be the sign before a heart attack.

The heart is one of the crucial organs of the body which pumps blood to the whole body. A healthy heart needs a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. Even if you are eating a healthy diet and are also living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean that you can’t suffer from a heart attack. Many heart-related troubles can increase the chances of a heart attack. Some co-mobilities may also increase the chances of a heart attack.

However, if you don’t ignore the early symptoms in the morning you can protect your body and the heart to a great extent and minimize the chances of a heart attack.

Early Heart Attack Symptoms In The Morning

1. Sweating in the morning.


2. Nausea and vomiting in the morning.

3. Breath related problems.

4. Pain in the left side of the chest or arm/shoulder.

5. Dizziness and vertigo in the morning.

1. Sweating In The Morning

Even during winter, when you get up in the morning and find that your body is sweating, means that something is wrong. It may be an early sign of a heart attack. You are advised to consult your doctor. Don’t ignore these symptoms.

2. Nausea And Vomiting In The Morning

Nausea and vomiting can sometimes be the signs of morning sickness but sometimes it may be a sign of irregular functioning of your heart. It may also be an early sign of a heart attack.

3. Breath Related Problems

If you are not feeling comfortable while breathing in the morning, may also point towards the irregular functioning of your heart. Don’t ignore such symptoms and consult your doctor. Patients suffering from heart disease show such symptoms in the morning.

4. Pain In The Left Side Of The Chest Or Arm/Shoulder

If you feel pain in the left side of your chest or arm/shoulder in the morning, may also indicate an early sign before a heart attack. Sometimes sleeping in an awkward position may be a reason behind such pain. If such pain persists take the advice of your doctor.

5. Dizziness And Vertigo In The Morning

If you feel dizziness and vertigo in the morning after getting up, shouldn’t be taken lightly or ignored as this could be an early sign before a heart attack.


What do you mean by a heart attack?

A heart attack is a situation when the flow of blood that brings oxygen to a part of your heart suddenly gets blocked and your heart is not able to get enough oxygen and it stops working.

How does a heart attack feel?

You may feel pressure in the left side of your chest, heaviness, tightness, or squeezing across your chest. Sometimes it feels that the pain is passing through your arms ( especially your left arm ). You may feel pain in the jaw, neck, back, and tummy.

How to prevent a heart attack?

1. Eat a healthy and balanced diet.

2. Do regular exercise, at least 5 days a week.

3. Don’t smoke.

4. Maintain your blood pressure.

5. Keep your diabetes under control.

6. Reduce the alcohol consumption.

7. Maintain a healthy weight.

8. Keep yourself physically active.

What kind of food should be taken after a heart attack?

You should eat healthy protein-filled food over the week. Eggs, lean chicken, beans, and lentils are good examples of such food. Avoid red meat. Processed meat should also be avoided. You can take fatless milk, yogurt, and cheese.

Can a person live a normal life after a heart attack?

Thousands of people every year survive after a heart attack and enjoy a normal life. The only thing is that you are supposed to make some lifestyle changes and take medication to prevent such trouble in the future.

Hope you will enjoy reading the article. Stay connected to read my next articles. Till then Bye! God bless you.

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