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Signs On Your Hand’s Skin Which Indicate Your Blood Sugar Has Crossed 200mg/dl

Diabetes, a menace.

by Ashok Raina
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Man testing his blood sugar level.

Diabetes symptoms on the skin of your hands: Increased blood sugar levels may leave some symptoms on the skin of your hands. Don’t ignore them and don’t even dare to take them lightly. Let’s know these symptoms.


These days people are suffering from many diseases like thyroid, obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, high uric acid, etc. Diabetes is one of the major contributors to the above-said diseases. Diabetes is a condition in which the level of sugar in your blood increases than the required level. Increased levels of blood sugar can cause many problems in the body. So, it becomes very important to control it as there is no cure for the disease. The signs of high blood sugar level may show some symptoms on your body parts including your hands. Let’s discuss them.

Signs Which Show You May Are Suffering From Diabetes

Change In Color Of The Skin Of Your Hands

If the level of blood sugar increases up to 200mg/dl, the color of the skin of your hands may turn yellowish, reddish, or brownish. These changes may be in the form of patches or pimples. Some people also may suffer from inflammation on the skin of their hands.

Skin Of The Hands Becomes Thick And Hard

Increased levels of blood sugar may harden and thicken the skin of your hands. In such a case, you are requested to consult your doctor without delay. It also may become difficult for the person to bend the fingers and forearms, and the skin may become thick.


Bruises On Hands

You may also find bruises on your hands. You are advised not to ignore these symptoms. It may prove to be dangerous to you. These bruises can be bigger or smaller in size.

Infection On Your Hands

In extreme blood sugar levels, your skin may get infected. You may suffer from inflammation, pain, or a burning sensation on the skin of your hands. Your skin may become irritated and small or big pimples may be noticed on the hands. Consultation with your doctor becomes important.

Extreme Sweating In Hands

Your hands may over sweat without any reason, if the blood sugar levels increase. Irritation in your hands may persist often.


If any of the symptoms are noticed by you on the skin of your hands. Please consult your doctor and get yourself tested for the glucose level of your blood. These signs may indicate that you are suffering from high blood sugar levels. Timely detection may help you in controlling these higher levels.

Hope, you will enjoy reading this article. Stay connected to read my next articles. Till then Bye! God bless you.

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