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Positive Millets: A Way To Healthy And Disease Free Life

Health benefits of positive grains.

by Ashok Raina
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Grains at bloom.

 Some of us live for food and some consume food to live. Food is the basic necessity of all living beings. Most of us eat to satisfy our taste buds without knowing its nutritional value and side effects. This article will help you a lot in living a healthy and disease-free life. Positive millets play an important role in having good health without any disease.

Most of us consume flour or rice as our staple food without knowing that these grains are the biggest obstacle in our healthy lives. These grains are the biggest reason for causing diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, kidney disease, etc. So, let us know which is the proper food which we should eat to prevent ourselves from these diseases. Even if we are ill, some positive millets reverse the disease and again make us healthy. These millets repair our damaged or worn-out cells. These grains can cure chronic diseases and even cancer. To make you understand the whole process, I will try to elaborate on the types of grains we consume.

Types Of Grains

* Negative grains.

* Neutral Grains.


* Positive grains.

Negative Grains

These grains make us ill, and bulky and cause many diseases. Wheat and paddy rice are negative grains. The reason is that the carbohydrate/fiber ratio in these grains is not good for your body. I will explain it with the help of an example.

Wheat grains have 76.2% carbohydrates and the fibre present in wheat is 1.2.% The ratio is 63.5, which is not good for your body.

Rice has 79% carbohydrates and 0.2% fiber. The ratio is 395, which is not good for our health.

Neutral Grains

These grains are good for your health. If you are healthy, these grains will help you maintain good health. But if anyhow you fall sick, these grains can’t cure your disease. So, these grains don’t heal your disease but only maintain your health. These grains have a carbohydrates/fiber ratio ranging between 20.19 to 56.91. Pearl millets, macca corn, finger millets, and poso are some examples of neutral grains.

Positive Grains

These grains have healing properties. If you fall ill, these grains can cure your disease without taking any medicine. These grains contain plenty of protein and iron in their purest form.

These grains also contain Methionine and Lysine which keeps your skin healthy and shiny.

Positive grains contain Vitamin D, and calcium in plenty which makes these grains the best food for your brain, skin, blood, and bones.

Ideal Carbs/Fibre Ratio Needed In Our Food

Grains having a carbs/fiber ratio in single digits ie less than 10 are called positive grains. Such grains are best for our health. These grains release glucose very slowly into our blood which gives ample time to your body to digest it. Because of its slow release, these grains don’t let glucose accumulate in your body.

How We Fell Sick

Normally a human body has 5 litres of blood. It needs 5 grams of sugar in it. When the quantity of glucose increases in the blood, our blood becomes thick. As we all know blood supplies oxygen to all body parts and takes carbon dioxide from all the body cells to release it. What happens, is when our blood becomes thick, its speed decreases and carbon dioxide is not fully thrown out of the body. A decrease in viscosity means an increase in the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the blood. These toxins start accumulating in the body and are the cause of several diseases. If the quantity of glucose remains appropriate then the body never falls sick.

Note: Carbs/Fibre ratio in positive grains vary from 5.5 to 7.57, which is less than 10. The interesting thing is that these positive millets need no pesticides, no weedicides, and no adulteration. These crops are grown naturally without chemicals. These millets are best for our health. That is why we should consume positive millets.

What Dietitians Say

Today we must have heard dietitians talking about high carbs, low carbs, or no carbs. They ignore the fact that carbs are an essential part of our nutrition. Most of our energy needs are fulfilled by carbs. So, say ‘ no ‘ to no carbs, low carbs, and high carbs, and say ‘ yes ‘ to slow carbs.

What Happens To Positive Grains

If we take rice or flour, they secrete 30 to 40 grams of sugar into the blood within half to one hour. It becomes very difficult for our body to digest it whereas if we take positive millets they release glucose at a prolonged rate and our body easily digests it. It takes nearly 8 hours for the complete secretion of whole glucose from positive millets. As complete glucose is digested, no glucose or very little glucose is left behind. This means that blood will flow smoothly in the blood vessels and will do its work properly. No accumulation of waste material inside blood will take place.

From Where One Can Get Positive Grains

You can purchase positive grains online by typing ‘ UNPOLISHED GRAINS ‘.

Cost Of 1Kg Positive Millets

Approximately Rs 200 per Kg. Don’t worry, these are heavy ones. If you consume 6 chappatis of corn flour, you will be satisfied by consuming 2 chappatis of positive millet.

Hope you will enjoy reading this article. Stay connected to read my next articles. Till then Bye! God bless you.

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