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About The Writer

Hey! I am Ashok Raina, Head Content Writer and the owner of this website. I am a keen observer of what is happening around me and the habit of writing it down in my notebook makes these experiences special to me. This habit of mine has helped me in adding values, a chunk of knowledge, and a lot of experience in my life. All of you must have heard that love and knowledge add manifold if distributed. So, I want to distribute it to the masses. I am a private Lecturer by profession and have written many books. My passion for writing has dragged me into the world of blogging.

Reasons For Starting The Website

My passion and my work suffered a lot during Covid-19 in 2019. As I worked in a private college, I was not paid during that period and I had nothing to do. I became idle. Life just stopped and earnings choked. At that time a friend of mine suggested me enter the world of blogging, as it has great potential for good writers. So, I made up my mind to start it.

Problems Faced

As I did not know about blogging and website development so it seemed to be a daunting task to develop it and make it work. Somehow I came into contact with a website developer namely Parvez Hassan from Kashmir. He developed an impressive website for me. He is the person who inspired me and guided me in the right direction. So, the process of writing blogs started and Mr. Parvez Hassan managed the site from the backend. Now, by the blessings of God and your good wishes we have grown as a team.

Moto Of Our Website

The main motto of our website is to provide authentic information to our readers. Writing false, incomplete, or copied content is not going to serve our cause. You must have heard the proverb,” The First Impression Is The Last.” We try to work to make our every impression count. We want to think in such a way that we can make a long-lasting impression on your minds.

How Do We Write A Content

Our Team of content writers, after a lot of research and verification pen down the content. We make sure that the content is true and up to the satisfaction of readers. After verification and proofreading the content is published. 

Operation Of Website

We try to write the content in such a way that it can add value to people all over the world. We as a team want to target readers all over the world.

Type Of Blogs We Write

Our Team including myself have got specialization in travel, motivation, health, and other topics. Mostly the bloggers cover one niche but my content writers are capable enough to write on any topic and we do it. We try to touch every sphere of life and serve it to our readers in its true and original form. 

Founder Of The Ashman World

Ashok Raina, head writer and owner of the website.

Parvaiz Hassan, Backend Manager.

About Us

The purpose of making this website is to make people aware of various facts regarding various aspects of life. I write motivational blogs, blogs on health, blogs on travel, etc. So that they can add value to their lives and get benefitted from it.


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