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Sensational Revelation; Why Is It Important To Take Seven Colored Food

by Ashok Raina
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A Woman Searching For Fruits.

 Whenever we go to a fruit or vegetable shop, we see fruits and vegetables of multiple colors. We generally call them rainbow colors of fruits and vegetables. Every plant has some special phytochemical which gives a particular color to a fruit or a vegetable. In contrast, these phytochemicals also protect the plants from germs, insects, and harmful radiations of the Sun. Because of these phytochemicals, fruits and vegetables have different colors but most of us don’t know that these colorful fruits and vegetables have several benefits for our bodies. Now we shall discuss in detail how these colorful fruits and vegetables are beneficial to us. Let’s start with red-colored fruits and vegetables.

Red Colored Fruits And Vegetables

Red Colored Fruits

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1. Red grapes

2. Strawberries

3. Watermelon


4. Cherries

5. Raspberries

6. Pomegranate

7. Red apples etc.

Red Colored Vegetables

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1. Tomato

2. Radish

3. Red cabbage

4. Red Potatoes

5. Red pepper

6. Red onion

Benefits Of Red Colored Fruits And Vegetables

1. Protects our heart.

2. Controls our blood pressure.

3. Maintains healthy cholesterol levels.

4. Enhances the functioning of our brain thereby increasing the functioning of Neuron cells.

5. Secures us from various types of cancers.

Blue And Purple Colored Fruits And  Vegetables

This color is because of the presence of chemical ANTHOCYNIDINS in fruits and vegetables.

Blue And Purple Colored Fruits 

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1 Blackberry

2 Blueberries

3. Purple grapes.

4. Plumps

5. Raisins etc.

Blue And Purple Colored Vegetables

Source: www.medicalnewstoday.com

1. Eggplant

2. Purple cabbage

3. Purple potato

4. Purple Asparagus etc.

Benefits Of Blue/Purple colored fruits And Vegetables

You must be astonished to know the fact that the darker the color of the fruit is, the greater the number of antioxidants in them whereas purple-colored Aspergous is one of the healthiest vegetables on this planet. It has numerous health benefits as a result.

1. Dark-colored fruits and vegetables help in weight loss thereby making the person agile.

2. Black/Blueberries have antioxidants and magnesium in them which help in the development of the brain, especially in children.

3. Purple corns have many health benefits too, but their production is restricted to some countries.

4. Plumps are low in calories and are good for diabetic patients as a result they are also very good for heart patients.

5. Eggplant is also a primarily consumed plant that contains folic acid which is good for pregnant women. It also helps in reducing the cholesterol level in our blood.

Green Colored Fruits And Vegetables

The green color of the plants is because of the presence of chlorophyll in them and this chlorophyll helps in performing the process of photosynthesis.

Green Vegetables

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1. Beans.

2. Green Onions.

3. Okra

4. Cabbage.

5. Capsicum.

6. Pepper.

7. Ladyfinger.

8. Asparagus.

9 Celery etc.

Green Fruits

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1. Apples.

2. Kiwi.

3. Grapes.

4. Avacado etc.

Benefits Of Green Fruits And Vegetables

1. These are a rich source of folic acid as a result are good for pregnant women.

2. Beneficial for pregnant women because of the high quantity of folic acid and magnesium.

3. Improve our eye health thus increasing the quantity of Vitamin A.

4. Improves digestion and hence the digestive system works properly.

5. Protects from cancer.

6. Maintains cholesterol level in blood as result blood becomes viscose and flows smoothly.

7. Strengthens our immune system.

Orange And Yellow Colored Fruits And Vegetables

This color is because of the presence of Beta carotene in them.

Orange And Yellow Colored Fruits

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1. Yellow Apples

2. Apricots

3. Oranges.

4. Grape Fruit

5. Peaches

6 Mangoes

7 Papaya

8 Pine Apple

9 Pears

10 Golden Kiwi

11. Cantaloupe etc.

Orange And Yellow Colored Vegetables

Source: www.amwayconnections.com

1 Carrot

2. Pumpkins

3. Sweetcorn

4. Pepper

5. Yellow Tomatoes

6. Lemons etc.

Benefits Of Orange And Yellow Colored Fruits And Vegetables

1. Such fruit improves the functioning of our nervous system as a result the flow of blood is maintained.

2. Good for vision.

3. Prevent heart diseases.

4. Improve skin texture as a result our skin starts glowing.

5. Boosts the immune system, therefore, protects us from many diseases.

6. Makes our bones stronger.

White Colored Fruits And Vegetables

These plants don’t undergo the process of photosynthesis that’s why they are white as a result white-colored fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber, potassium, and magnesium.

White Colored Fruits 

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1. Bananas

2. White peaches

3. Pears

4. Dates etc.

White-colored vegetables

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1. Potatoes

2. Onions

3. Mushrooms

4. Cauliflower

5. Turnip

6. White corn etc.

Benefits Of White Colored Fruits And Vegetables

1. Helpful in reducing high blood pressure.

2. Reduce bad Cholesterol which in turn enhances the functioning of our heart.

3. Improve the immune system and protect us from many diseases thereby decreasing the risk of many diseases.

4. Prevents colon cancer, prostate cancer, and breast cancer as a result we can live a healthy life.

Why Should We Consume Seven Colored Fruits And Vegetables

As discussed earlier different colored fruits and vegetables have different types of phytonutrients which are beneficial to us in one way or the other so, eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables can fulfill the deficiency of various vitamins and minerals in our bodies. According to a report published by the Health And Nutrition Examination Survey, 8 out of 10 people in the U.S were found to be deficient in various minerals and vitamins so, it is advised to use maximum colors of fruits and vegetables in the diet.

For example, daily consumption of tomatoes can reverse the progression of prostate cancer because of the presence of Lycopene in it. Watermelon has an even larger amount of Lycopene in it as a result its consumption can prove more beneficial for patients suffering from prostate cancer. Watermelon is also rich in phytonutrient Citrulline which is very helpful for patients suffering from erectile dysfunction as a result strawberries are proved to be beneficial in patients suffering from esophageal cancer. So, the best treatment for all diseases lies in nature and natural products but the only thing is to recognize those properties and get their benefits.

Are Synthetic Supplements Safe To Use

Source: www.muslimlink.com

Synthetic supplements are not safe, as the name itself suggests ‘synthetic’, which itself is dangerous. It is advised to use only natural products instead of synthetic supplements. There are so many companies in the market that are selling synthetic supplements in the name of natural supplements, be aware of such companies and their products. First of all, make sure that the product consumed by you is natural or not. Instead, you can go for consuming natural fresh fruits and vegetables. To get the maximum nutritional value of the fruit or a vegetable, it should be consumed during its season. During its season the said fruit or vegetable has maximum nutritional value. So, try to avoid fruits and vegetables stored in cold storage.

How Cure Ourselves Using Natural Ways

Source: www.saga.com

I would like to explain it with the help of an example. If a person is suffering from anemia, he can consume fruits and vegetables that are rich in Iron, say spinach, apples, Brinjals, etc to meet his body requirements therefore if somebody is suffering from a deficiency of Vitamin A, the said person can consume green chilies, carrots, etc so, The deficiency of Vitamin C can be fulfilled by consuming citrus fruits. There are so many other examples. The only thing is knowledge. You can consult your dietician in case of any complications.

Hope you will enjoy reading this article. Stay connected to read such articles in the future also. Till then Bye!

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