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Different Trends About Origination Of Life On Earth

by Ashok Raina
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Dear friends today we are going to tell you about the origin of life. My self Ashok Raina. I am a lecturer by profession. So, friends, there are three fractions of scientists who believe in three different types of theories. One fraction of scientists believe in the theory called” theory of special creation. “According to this theory some supernatural power i.e. God has created everything on this earth using his supernatural powers.

They Believe On The Existence Of The God


This fraction believes in the existence of God, who is considered by them a power bank having extreme powers of creation and demolition. Whereas the other fraction of scientists say that life originated in shallow Lukewarm seawater. In such conditions, a single-celled organism called “PROTOZOA”, originated. With time, it converted and developed itself into multicellular organisms. This theory says that the kingdom ANEMELLIA came into existence because of these protozoa. They also say that in the same conditions another single-celled organism called “BLUE-GREEN ALGAE” also originated. Kingdom PLANTAE i.e. all the plants originated because of single-celled algae which converted themselves into multi-cellular bodies, that is ‘The Trees.’

Whom To Believe


Now the question arises of whom to believe. Scientists, who believe in the theory of special creation asked the other fraction of scientists to prove that if there is no supernatural power then please explain, what the soul is. Till the time it remains inside our body, we can perform our day-to-day activities but once it goes out of our body, we are called dead. why?
 To answer, the other fraction of scientists, the second fraction of scientists planned to experiment.

Planning Done By Them

A man about to die.

They decided to capture a soul and perform an experiment on it. They made a room with transparent bulletproof glass. The room was constructed in such a way that neither a small hint of air can enter nor leave the room. Then they brought an old sick man who was about to die and placed him inside the room. Everybody came out of the room except the dying man. The room was air-tight. After some time the old man died. Guess what could have happened. Guess everybody. You will be astonished to hear that as soon as the old man died, at the very time the bulletproof glass was found to be having a crack, which meant that the soul had escaped. So my dear friends you can guess, how powerful a soul is!


What Do Third Fraction Of Scientists Say


The third fraction of scientists believe that it is a complex question. However, they think that the earth’s surface has undergone a long process of evolution in which it took extreme changes over millions of years for its formation. Geologists have been studying it for a long time in the hope of finding clues about the formation of the earth. The only record which they have found is a hard crystalline mineral called Zircon. It is believed that it is 4.6 to 4 billion years ago.

Elements Found On The Earth

We all know that the earth contains elements such as carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and some other gases. In a combined state, they form essential organic molecules such as sugars, enzymes, and D.N.A and proteins. According to them when life existed first on the earth, existed only in an inorganic form bound up with rocks, the atmosphere, and the oceans.


Nuclear geyser.

This fraction of scientists believes that the nuclear geyser is the only theory for the existence of first life that fits all the essential requirements. They believe that the energy from the Sun is not enough to break down inorganic compounds such as Nitrogen, Carbon dioxide, and water present on its surface. The energy present in a natural nuclear reactor is sufficient enough energy to drive the required reactions. Carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen are also constituents of the Earth. The early crust along the atmosphere and oceans can supply these.

Continuous Supply Of Nutrients

They also believe that for the elements that form the building blocks of organic compounds, there must be a continuous supply of nutrients that sustain life. The early source of energy could be rocks that contain different minerals. They also think that a diverse environment is important to emerge in life. They also believe that variations in pH, salinity, temperature, and humidity will cause different types of reactions, leading to more complex and varying organic molecules


They believe that a nuclear geyser that too a natural one is the most likely location to be the birthplace of life, rather than a hydrothermal vent. A nuclear geyser is the only proposed location that meets all the requirements for the origination of life on earth. We can begin to understand where we might find life beyond our planet.

A common man, who hasn’t enough knowledge gets confused about reading those facts. The scientists themselves are not sure about their research work. They all have put very hard effort to solve this puzzle. But to me and most of us, this puzzle is still not answered. I would again like to say whom to believe and whom not to. Now, it all depends on your personal beliefs and thoughts.

Hope you will enjoy reading this article. Stay connected to read my next articles. Till then Bye! God bless you all.

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