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Trends Elaborating Nature’s Love

by Ashok Raina
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Dear friends, I am here once again with a true gift of God i.e. Nature. This word isn’t very easy to explain. Nature is a state of mind when one finds himself comfortable and calm under the influence of the Almighty’s creation. Just close your eyes and think that you are sitting in a dense jungle, where nobody is there to disturb you. The stage where the heart and the mind join together under extreme influence. The voice of the flowing water, the chirping birds, the humming of bees, etc. are scenes beyond our imagination. It needs a deep insight to achieve that image. Friends, believe me, once attained, means complete peace of mind. A stage where there are no worries of life, no relations matter, and no stress. The only thing which prevails is the calmness of heart and mind. Come on friends, join me in this revolution.

Research Done By Scientists

For the last several years, scientists are researched that is there any relationship between humans and nature.? The change in nature is because of the activities of humans and the change in humans.  The impact of change in nature can be seen on the health of humans. The diseases which no one of those times had ever heard about are commonly spreading in present times.
It is beyond the scope of this paper to elaborate on the various connections between humans and the natural environment.

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I will try to explain the research made by four research departments, which have paid more attention to this field. A deeper understanding can be brought to the human relationship with nature and its impact on health by studying the theory of the research departments, which I am going to explain one by one. This is because understanding the relationship from a single perspective can lead to partial findings that neglect other sources as well as the complexities that exist because incomplete knowledge can make it difficult to understand.


It is a branch of science that very closely follows Darwin’s theory of evolution. According to it, with time, evolutionary changes take place in every organism. The new individual can adapt to the new environmental conditions. You might have heard the theory of “survival of the fittest”. In the last several years, evolutionary biology has focused much attention on cultural-genetic interaction and how these are inherent to lifestyle and dietary choices.

Evolutionary biology.


It is a developed field of study which has grown to a large extent since 1882. It centers on the adaptation of psychological characteristics said to have evolved in response to social and ecological circumstances within humanity’s ancestral environments. During the past several years this field has presented many concepts and measures to describe the human connection to nature.


In this branch of science, economics is embedded in social, political, and cultural behaviors. Because of the diverse structure, the human relationship with nature has been explored in various contexts. Questions such as how humans evolved, their relation with soil, air, and water, evolutionary changes, etc. can be answered with the help of this branch of science.


An ideology or social movement can be defined as environmentalism. It focuses on fundamental environmental concerns as well as associated underlying social, political, and economic issues from humans affecting the natural environment. It has been found that human power over nature has altered and weakened the natural environment.

A man picking the garbage.

The Two Most Important Pillars

In short and simple language I can say that no doubt the relationship between nature and man is very much important for the existence of life on earth. These are the two most important pillars of the ecosystem. Unfortunately, man for his greed and unawareness has been destroying it. He is indiscriminately cutting trees, thereby affecting the ecological balance. No doubt humans are the most intelligent species found on earth but he is using them for his destruction. As a result, many species of animals have been extinct or on the verge of extinction. Golden tiger, one-horn rhino, and many more examples are in front of us. Man, it’s enough now! Please stop all this otherwise you will have to repent one day.

Golden tiger.

Predictions Made By Scientists

It has been predicted by some scientists that if the same trend continued, by 2030 every person has to carry an oxygen cylinder for him/herself when he/she has to go out for any work or job. Imagine that situation and stop all this immediately. Moreover, the water of the rivers has been polluted, and the air we breathe in has been polluted and the impact can be directly seen on our health. The no. of increasing diseases and motility rate will explain each and everything. Governments of the respective countries have been striving hard to stop all the ill practices performed by humans but all of this is in our hands whether to control it or deteriorate it.

A polluted river.

Hope you will enjoy reading this article. Stay connected to read my next articles. Till then Bye! God bless you all.

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