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Why Love of Mother Is So Pious

by Ashok Raina
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Child sleeping in lap of mother

Once a son decided to repay the love of his mother. The mother answered that son you can pay me tomorrow, but today you have to sleep in my room. The son agreed. When the son was about to sleep, the mother said son please give me a glass of water. The son got up and gave her water. The mother drank some water and sprinkled the rest on her son’s bed. The son found it difficult to sleep on the wet bed. With great difficulty, he once again felt sleepy. 

Mother’s Demand

Mother with her child.

At that very time, the mother again demanded a glass of water. The son again stood up and gave her water. The mother again drank some water and sprinkled the rest on his bed. On seeing this the son burst with anger and started abusing his mother. At this the mother said, son, you cannot bear me for one night. I have done these things for you for years together. I have slept on a wet bed. You were made to sleep on the bed containing water but I have slept on your urine. On hearing this the son realized his mistake and went out of the room.

Selfless Love

Selfless love of a mother.

My point is that a mother’s love is the most selfless in the entire world. Its quantity can neither guessed nor repaid. With time, everything fades but the love of mother never fades. It increases with time. The mother can go up to any extent to save her children from worse conditions. She can sleep empty stomach but never allows her children to sleep empty stomach. There is no feeling of regret in her mind for doing so. Most of us don’t understand the impact of the long-lasting love of our mother in our lives.

We Are Incomplete Without A Mother

An inspirational quote for a mother.

Our life is incomplete without this selfless love. The children who lost their mother in their childhood, suffer a lot. The impact of not having a mother’s love in their life can be seen in their lives. We can’t understand the power of a mother’s love, the value of the home, and the significance of our intentional presence there. The presence of a mother in any family generates positive vibrations in the family. A family without a mother is incomplete. Mother’s love is pure and divine, the only thing is that we don’t understand it in time. Love and its meaning can’t be explained in words. Its depth can’t be judged because it is as deep as an ocean. Without even saying anything, she understands what we want. She is the only person who has no demands except for our bright future.


Mother Is The God In Disguise

Mother as God.

It’s well said that God wasn’t able to reach every place so he made the mother look after each and everybody. It means that the mother is God himself in disguise. Being a mother is the best feeling a woman can have in her entire life. Mother’s love is beyond anyone’s expectations. Mother is attached to her children right from their presence in her womb. Behind a person’s success, there is always a mother behind the scene.

First Teacher Of The Child

Mother teaching her child.

She is the first teacher of her children. Moreover, Moral values and their importance are taught to the children by their mothers and she prepares her children in getting ready for the future hardships and struggles of life. The fact is that she gets up early in the morning and throughout the whole day, she takes care of every member of the family. She never tires and continues to serve her family till her last breath.

Deserves Love And Respect

Mother deserves respect.

The only thing she wants in return is love and respect, which she deserves. So, it becomes our duty to obey her, follow her instructions, and make her happy. When we are kids and behave with her indifferently, it hurts her but she bears it. When the children grow up, get married, and then use abusive language against their mothers in front of their wives, it hurts them. Her heart starts bleeding but she still showers her blessings upon her children. She may weep in the corner of the house but will never let you realize that she is in pain. I would like all the children in the world to shower the same love on her as she had done years ago. I will tell you a real story, as to why mothers should be respected.

Real Storey Of A Selfish Son

A mother gave birth to a blind child. The mother showered her love and affection on her child. When the child reached the age of three years, she admitted him to a school for the blind. One day the mother and son were going toward the school. The mother was going along with her son to drop him at his school. On their way, they met with an accident. Both of them were critically injured. Both of them were admitted to the hospital. Their faces were covered with bandages. Fortunately, both of them were able to survive. When their bandages were taken off. To the astonishment of the child, he was able to see now but sadly mother lost her eyesight in this incident. The son was discharged from the hospital. After some days mother was discharged also.

Burden Of Responsibilities

Now the responsibilities shifted on the shoulders of the child. The mother in her blind condition worked in the houses of the locality to earn her livelihood. Slowly and steadily the son grew into a handsome guy. He was appointed to a very good post. Once there was a get to gather in their house. The mother was told by the son to remain inside her room. He felt insulted when anybody called him, “blind’s son”. On hearing this the mother got hurt. She started weeping in the corner of her house. Time continued to pass. The mother was continuously ignored by the son. The mother wasn’t happy with the behavior of his son but she still loved his son.

After The Marriage Of The Son

After some time the son got married and one day he told his mother in front of her wife, I don’t need you in my house. Please search for another place. Tears started rolling down her eyes. She left the house and went to an old age home. There too she missed her child and kept on weeping frequently. One day her child fell ill and was admitted to the same hospital where he was once admitted when he met with an accident.


This time also the same doctor treated him. The child again recovered and during the discussion, the doctor recognized him and asked about his mother. He said that you are very lucky to get such a lovable mother. At that time the doctor disclosed the truth that if your mother wouldn’t have donated her eyes to you, you would have been still blind. On hearing this the child was very astonished.

Shocked On Hearing The Truth

He was shocked to hear the fact. Moreover, his condition was like a person who has been thrown down from the sky and he immediately went to the old age home, where his mother lived now, and was more shocked to hear that his mother has left the world three days ago. The truth remained that he was even deprived of performing his mother’s last rites. He started cursing himself and realized the importance of his mother. At the very time, an old man there handed him the letter saying that his mother had told him to hand it over to my son.

What Was Written In The Letter

When he opened and read the letter. It was written in the letter that I donated my eyes to you because you are my real eyes. Then what is the fun of these eyes to me? I hadn’t told you earlier so that you might not curse yourself. May God bless you. Despite facing so many hardships because of her destiny and because of her son, she never had ill feelings against her mother. This is what a MOTHER is!

You might have heard several times that a mother donated her one kidney to her son but have you ever heard that a son donated his kidney to his mother. Think about it. Never dare to hurt the mother. Nothing will be left other than repenting.

Hope you will enjoy reading this article. Stay connected to read my next articles. Till then Bye! God bless you all.

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