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Liver Cancer, Symptoms, Treatment, And A True Guide

by Ashok Raina
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The liver is one of the most important organs of our body. It is the largest gland that does a lot of work for us. From breaking down food to filtering blood and production of bile, are some of the important functions performed by it. Moreover, the liver helps in the removal of toxins and other waste chemical waste products from the blood. It means that all the blood in our body has to pass through the Liver.  When some of the cells start growing in an uncontrolled way, it causes cancer in the said part. This also is called a Tumor, which affects the working of the liver thereby affecting the functioning of the whole body. It begins from a cell and starts affecting the adjoining cells.

Some Of The Symptoms

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Generally, the symptoms aren’t visible at the earlier stages. Most people suffer from very rare or no symptoms. It is one of the reasons for its late detection. However, the symptoms may be:

1. Yellowish color of the cornea in our eyes.

2. No or very less urge to eat food.


3. Fatigue and tiredness all the time.

4. You can notice a lump of skin or cartilage below your right rib cage.

5. May feel pain in the right side below the ribcage section.

6. The person may lose weight in a short period.

7. Nausea or vomiting.

8. Upset stomach for a longer period.

9. Pale color of the urine.

10. Chronic Hepatitis B.

11. Swollen belly may also indicate that something is wrong.

Moreover, medical diagnosis is very important. You can consult your doctor if these symptoms persist for a longer period. Lab tests or imagining are useful in detecting this disease.

Causes Of Liver Cancer

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Liver cancer is a process that takes years to form. There are many reasons behind its formation. Some of the reasons may be:

* Chronic infection with Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C virus. This virus increases the risk of liver cancer.

1. Intake of alcohol on daily basis.

2. Exposure to aflatoxins may be the reason.

3. Inherited liver diseases may be the other reason.

4. Diabetes.

5. Cirrhosis of the Liver.

Types Of Liver Cancer

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Various types of cancers are found in the Liver. We divide them generally into two types. One is Primary Liver cancer that starts in the Liver itself. The other type is Secondary cancer. This type of cancer starts elsewhere in the body and then spreads to the Liver. This type of cancer is called metastatic cancer. Primary cancer is a rarely found cancer. Around 2% of the population in the world is affected by it.

Among all the patients in the world, more than half of the population suffers from a secondary type of cancer. To conclude the stage of cancer, Biopsy is very important. During this process, a thin needle is injected into the Liver to obtain tissue of the liver. This tissue is examined under a microscope to reach any conclusion. Once cancer is diagnosed, further tests that may include MRI, and CITY SCAN may be recommended by the doctor to find the exact location and the stage of the Liver cancer.


Treatment purely depends on the stage of the Liver cancer. The age of the patient and the overall health of the patient are the other factors observed by the Doctor. Moreover, as I said, depending upon the stage of cancer, some of the methods may be recommended by the Doctor.

1. Surgery

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Surgery can be recommended by the doctor to remove the defective part of the Liver. Along with the defected tissues, some of the healthy tissues are also removed, keeping in mind that the defected tissues might have entered into the adjoining healthy tissues. It also depends upon the location of the defected part in your Liver. The impact of removing the defected part of the Liver on the Patient’s overall health is also taken into account. After a series of consultations among the doctors leads to a conclusion.

2. Liver Transplantation

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Moreover, if most of the Liver has been affected by the cancer cells, the doctor may recommend you to go for Liver transplantation, which is one of the treatments in which defected Liver is removed and replaced by a healthy Liver.

Some Localized Treatments May Be Recommended By The Doctors

These localized treatments may include:

* Heating cancer cells

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In this treatment thin needles are inserted into the liver and then these needles are heated using an electric current. An imaging test is used as a guide in this process. The heat generated by the electric current is used to destroy the cancer cells present in the Liver.

* Freezing the defective cells

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During this process, an instrument is inserted into the Liver. This instrument is called CROYOPROBE. This instrument contains liquid Nitrogen and this nitrogen is placed inside the infected part to kill the cancer cells. Again an ultrasound is used as a guide during this process.

* Inserting Beads Filled With Radiations

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 Direct radiation can be given to the tumor cells. In this treatment Beads filled with radiation are placed in the defected part of the Liver. These radiations help in destroying the cancer cells.

* By Injecting Alcohol

Moreover, in this process, pure alcohol is injected into the defective part of the lever and this pure alcohol helps in destroying the cancer cells in the Liver.

* Injecting Chemotherapy Drugs

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Moreover, strong Anti-cancer drugs are injected into the infected part using thin needles and the part having a tumor in it, can be cured using this process depending upon the condition of the patient and the stage of cancer. 

Some Other Methods Requiring Advanced Treatment During The Advanced Stage

* Radiation Therapy

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Direct strong radiations such as X-rays and high energy Proton rays are given to the defected part to destroy or shrink the tumor. This therapy may help in controlling the tumor. Moreover, in this treatment, the patient is made to lie down and the part to be radiated is marked with the help of a marker externally and the beam of radiation is allowed to fall on the marked part externally. Another advanced type known as Stereotactic therapy can be used also. In this type of therapy, numerous high-energy beams are allowed to fall on the defected part simultaneously.

* Immunotherapy

As we all know that strong immune system helps us in protecting our bodies against several diseases. In this therapy, our immune system is made to fight cancer cells. The fact remains that our immune system doesn’t protect us against cancer because cancer cells secrete a protein that makes the WBCs blind. Moreover, Immunotherapy works by interfering with that process This therapy proves to be having a positive impact on many patients.

* Chemotherapy

Moreover, in this process anti-cancer drugs are injected through veins or chemotherapy drugs can be taken orally, as prescribed by the doctor. Mostly this therapy is used as a treatment for patients suffering from advanced cancer.

* Using Drug Therapy On The Selected Part

Moreover, certain abnormalities in the cancer cells can be treated by using this process and this therapy can help in destroying the cancer cells in the targetted part of the Liver. The patients having genetic mutations in the cells are given such treatment. There are so many such drugs available in the market which Doctors can prescribe the patients.

Supportive Care Method

It is the type of treatment that is meant for cancer patients who suffer from extremely painful conditions. Moreover, this supportive or Pillative therapy helps such patients in getting relief from pain and this treatment undergoes along with the main aggressive method. Moreover, this treatment is given by trained professionals only and in most cases, it works. These professionals help in improving the quality of life of such patients.

Alternative  Methods That Can Be Used To Improve The Condition Of Such Patients

There are so many other ways by which such patients can feel relaxed, These are:

1. Acupressure may be used by such patients to get relief from pain.

2. Another option is Acupuncture.

3. Moreover, such patients can learn relaxing techniques from professionals and can perform them at home.

4. By getting their bodies massaged they may be benefitted also.

What To Do When Detected Positive For Cancer

* Try to cope with the situation. Try to be positive. Since positivity will help you in defeating the disease and a negative frame of mind will never let you come out of the situation.

* Gain knowledge about liver cancer from your Doctor. You can also ask for treatment options.

* Try to live your life as usual with your friends and family. Moreover, this will help you to remain positive and no negative thoughts will come to your mind.

1. Always try to find someone with whom you can talk.

2. Whenever you have plans to visit your Doctor, make a list of questions that you want to ask.

3. Write down the symptoms you are going through.

The Questions You May Ask From Your Doctor

1. Which stage of cancer you are going through?

2. How long it will take to complete the treatment?

3. Time after which you can live your normal life.

Liver Cancer Survival Rates

People who undergo surgery are likely to live a longer life as compared to those who don’t go for surgery. Moreover, studies have proved repeatedly that the patients who got their tumor operated on and removed, live a longer life. As stated earlier the biggest factor is the stage of the patient. The lower the stage, the higher the survival span of life.

Is Liver Cancer Treatable

If cancer has been detected in the earlier stages that is it hasn’t spread to other parts of the body, then it can be removed. In that case, you need Liver transplantation. For that, a donor is needed. It can take a long time to recover after Liver Transplantation.

How Long A Patient Survive With Last Stage Of Liver Cancer

If the patient is not undergoing any type of treatment he is expected to survive for nearly three years whereas a patient undergoing treatment is expected to live 5 years or more.

How To Judge That The Patient Is Close To Death

When a patient stops responding to your questions or answers slowly and with difficulty. It indicates that the patient is living his last moments. Such patients mostly stop eating and drinking in this stage, indicating their last moments.

What Is The End-Stage Or The Symptoms Shown By Such Patients

Continuous bleeding or bruising is the last symptom of such patients. Pale color of the skin and itching sensation on the right side just below the ribcage.

Is Liver Cancer Painful

As stated earlier that mostly it is diagnosed in the last stage, and patients very often feel severe pain in the last stage.

Last Stage Of Cancer

 The patient may suffer from nausea, jaundice, and swelling in the legs, and abdomen.

Note: This disease is treatable but not completely curable.

Disclaimer: All the information provided by me is only to add to your knowledge. Never come to any conclusion without consulting your Doctor.

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