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How To Visit Jammu & Kashmir, What To Do, Places To Visit, And Its History

by Ashok Raina
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A person skiing on snow.

 Jammu & Kashmir is one of the most beautiful parts of India. It is also known as Paradise on Earth. Visiting Jammu & Kashmir has become very easy these days as it has good connectivity with the major cities in India. You can reach here using any mode of transportation, that is by train, by air or by bus. It has an international airport in Srinagar, and Jammu also has its own airport. Jammu is well connected with a network of trains as it has its main railway station on the periphery of Jammu city. Whereas Kashmir is not yet connected to the railway station. The nearest railway station to Kashmir lies in Jammu which is 300 km away from Kashmir.

How To Reach Jammu & Kashmir By Air

The international airport is known as Sheikh-Ul-Alam which is located in Srinagar and receives flights from almost all the major states of India. This airport operates flights to and from major cities in India. These major cities and states include Delhi, Goa, Leh, Mumbai, Banglore, Jammu, etc.

The flights operated by this airport are Indi Go, Go Air, Air India, Spice Jet, and Jet Airways. This airport is located at a distance of just 14 km from the main city center.

Jammu also has its own airport which is located just 8 km from the main city. Flights operate to and from this airport also.


How To Reach Jammu By Train

Jammu is connected to other states of India through a network of railways. Jammu Tawi railway station receives several trains from other states of India on daily basis. On the other hand, Kashmir has no railway station till now. The nearest railway station to Kashmir lies in Jammu which is 300 km from Srinagar.

The trains that operate on a daily basis are Rajdhani Express, Jammu Tawi Express, Jammu Mail, etc. You can avail of the services of these trains to reach Jammu & Kashmir.

How To Reach Jammu & Kashmir By Road

Jammu & Kashmir is well connected with a network of roads. It is connected with every state of the country via road.

Kashmir is connected to the rest of the country via NH1 & NH44. Jawahar Tunnel, which connects Kashmir with Jammu lies on this highway. JKUTTC ( Jammu & Kashmir Union Territory Transport Corporation ) buses ply on this highway and connect Jammu to nearby states and cities like Patnitop ( 112 km ), Srinagar ( 264km ), Amritsar ( 216 km ), Delhi ( 590 km ), etc. Private buses also run on this highway. Services of these buses, taxis, tempos, etc can be taken.

Distance From Major Cities

Jammu to Kashmir                    277 km.

Amritsar to Jammu                    216 km.

Chandigarh to Jammu               342 km.

Patnitop to Jammu                    112 km.

Shimla to Jammu                      416 km.

Delhi ToJammu                        590 km.

Uttarakhand to Jammu             748.1 km.

Himachal Pradesh to Jammu    263 km.

Goa to Jammu                          2444.8 km.

Best Time To Visit Jammu & Kashmir

There is a lot of variation in temperature in different parts of Jammu & Kashmir. During the summer season, the temperature in the Jammu region rises up to 47 degrees Celsius, whereas at the same time, the temperature in Kashmir is pleasant and hovers between 10 to 20 degrees Celsius.

The ball is in your court. You have to decide when to visit Jammu & Kashmir. If you love to enjoy snowfall then the winter season is the best time for you to visit Kashmir. If you are fond of pleasant weather then you can visit Kashmir during the summer season.

There is no snowfall in the Jammu region even during the winter season. Jammu experiences bitter cold during the winter season and it’s very hot during the summer season. After the arrival of the monsoon, Jammu experiences a hot and humid climate during July, August, and the first half of September.

Overall, you can visit Jammu & Kashmir during any part of the year depending upon your choice. It has something for everyone during every season. Tourists mostly prefer to visit Jammu & Kashmir from March to August to enjoy the pleasant climate.

Top Things To Do In Jammu & Kashmir

In Jammu & Kashmir, you can perform a lot of activities. The topography of this area allows tourists to enjoy a variety of activities. Tourists can make their holidays memorable by performing the activities of their choice. Every destination in Jammu & Kashmir has a lot of activities on its tourism bucket list. Some of those activities are:

1. Shikara Riding

Tourists enjoying ride in Shikara.

If you are in Kashmir and you haven’t enjoyed the Shikara ride means you are missing something. Shikara ride in Dal Lake and Nigeen Lake is very famous across the world. You are going to have a fabulous experience. Do remember to have a joyous ride with your family. These shikaris are also used by locals for selling vegetables. You will be astonished to see the floating market in Dal lake. While enjoying a ride in Shikara you can also witness the glorifying views of Hazratbal Mosque and Nehru Park.

2. Trekking

A trekker having a view of trek.

Some of the most famous treks of India lie in Jammu & Kashmir. Kashmir especially is considered the mother of these treks. You can trek through the alpine lakes like Gangabal, Gadsar, Tarsar & Marsar, and the great lakes. Best camping sites are also available there for trekkers. The lush green meadows of this place will add to your adventurous experience.

3. Gondola Ride

Gondola ride in Gulmarg.

You can enjoy a Gondola ride in Gulmarg. It is Asia’s largest and World’s second largest and highest cable car project. A lot of tourists gather at this site and enjoy the fabulous ride of joy. You can also enjoy the scenic views of mountains and valleys during the cable car ride. Six people can enjoy the gondola at one time as it is its maximum seating capacity.

4. Skiing

Skiing in Kashmir.

Skiing at Patnitop and Gulmarg is the main part of a visit to Jammu & Kashmir. You eventually can’t miss the chance if you are in the Union Territory. It is one of the most famous winter sports that you can perform and enjoy. You can feel the thrill of dashing down the slopes from an incredible height. Expert skiers prefer to perform this activity at Shark Fin which is believed to be the best skiing destination for them. It is located on the backside of Mount Apharwat.

Patnitop is another famous spot for skiing in Jammu & Kashmir. Madha top which is 6 km away from Patnitop is the hot spot for skiing. You can test your skills here also.

5. Paragliding

A tourist enjoying para gliding in Kashmir.

Paragliding is yet another activity that tourists love to perform. The main spots for paragliding are in Nathatop, Batote, Sanasar, and Kud in Jammu whereas in Kashmir you can perform the same activity in Hajan, Sonamarg, and Gulmarg.

Natural factors like wind direction and landscape are suitable for this sport in the above-stated places. You can choose a glide over valleys, mountains, or lakes.

The best time for this activity is the months of May, June, September, and October. If you visit Jammu & Kashmir, you can enjoy the thrilling sport.

6. River Rafting

Tourists enjoying river rafting in Kashmir.

River rafting in the Lidder River from Langabal to Ganeshpora and Varganpal to Yaneer Bridge is very famous among the rafters. Rafting is one of the top adventure activities in Kashmir. As many rivers flow through Kashmir so it has become a hot destination for the rafters. Pahalgam and Sonmarg in Kashmir have become ideal places for performing this activity. Lidder and Sindh rivers have some stretches where grade 4 rapid rafting can be performed.

7. Fishing

Fishing activity going on.

Kashmir is also famous for its fishing activities. April-October is the best-suited month for this activity. You can perform this activity in Aharbal, Lidder, Verinag, Kokernag, Gangabal, and Sukhnag Lakes. These spots offer great options for fishing in Kashmir. Fish of different sizes and types can be found in these lakes and rivers. Around 61 beats are open for fishing during the season. It’s going to be a totally different experience for most of you but one thing is sure you are going to enjoy it.

Do remember to get a permit before going out for this activity. The permit is sanctioned by the Jammu & Kashmir Directorate of Fisheries.

8. Wildlife

A pair of bear in forested area in Kashmir.

If you are in Jammu & Kashmir, a thrilling and exciting experience is waiting for you. The experience is related to wildlife in Jammu & Kashmir. You can visit the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries which will let you see the exotic and rare animals. Along with those animals, you can also witness the rich vegetation and topography of the Himalayas.

Dachigam National Park and High altitude National Park are famous for their rich flora and fauna. Overu Aru Wild Life Sanctuary ( Pahalgam ), Achabal Wildlife Sanctuary ( Srinagar ), and Hirpora Wildlife Sanctuary are a habitat for a variety of animals.

9. Horse Riding

Horse riding in Kashmir.

Riding on the back of a horse in Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Patnitop, Sanasar, Aru Valley, and Yusmarg is like a dream for many of you. Children especially are fond of this activity. Horse riding used to be the way of transportation in our olden days. These days several tourists utilize the opportunity to relish the beautiful nature of some places which are lesser known to people. If you find it difficult to walk on difficult terrain, you can use the services of these horses to explore the beauty of nature without getting tired.

10. Religious Places


You can visit several religious places in Jammu & Kashmir as it is home to plenty of religious places. Pilgrims from all over the world come to visit these places. These places include Vaishno Devi Temple, Amarnath Cave, Hazratbal Shrine, etc. Jammu & Kashmir is dotted with temples, shrines, and Gurudwaras. Jammu is called the City Of Temples. It has been given the name because of the presence of a large number of temples in it. Visiting these religious places can be an enriching experience.

Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine is visited by Lakhs of people every year. It is nestled in the Trikuta Hills in Katra. From Katra onwards, you have to cover 13 km on foot to reach the religious place. People who can’t walk or who are not habitual of walking can avail of the services of ponies.

Amarnath cave, Shankaracharya Temple ( built in 750 AD ), Raghunath Temple, Jamia Masjid ( built in 1400 AD ), Hazratbal Shrine, Charar-e-Sharif, Dastagir Sahib, Makhdoom Sahib, Gurudwara Mattan, Guru Nanak Dev Gurudwara are some of the religious places in Jammu & Kashmir.

11. Kashmir Cuisine

Famous food of Kashmir.

Kashmir is very famous for its cuisine. Rogan Josh, Dum Aloo, Aab Gosh, and Goshtaba are some of the famous mouth-watering dishes of Kashmir. Jammu is also not far behind as for as delicious food is concerned. Rajma-Chawal, Ambal, Khatta Meat, Kulthein di Dal, and Dal Patt are favorite food items of the Jammu region.

You will find diversity in religions, castes, colors, creeds, and even food in Jammu & Kashmir.

Other noticeable activities that you can perform in Jammu & Kashmir are Mountaineering, Shopping, Participation in local fairs and festivals, can capture moments with your cameras, Golfing, Camping, Motorbiking, visiting gardens, museums, and famous hill stations, etc.

Hotels In Jammu & Kashmir

As the Union Territory is visited by lakhs of tourists every year, so there is a need for collecting information about the comfortable hotels where you can relax.

Hotels In Jammu

1. Hotel Diamond.

2. Hotel Fortune Inn Riviera.

3. Meridian Palace.

4. Hotel Vardhaan.

5. Hotel 17 Miles.

6. Hotel Raghunath.

7. Hotel Forte View, Chand Nagar.

8. Hotel Rabada, and many more.

Hotels In Kashmir

1. Blooming Dala Hotel.

2. Heevan Resort Srinagar.

3. Hotel Broadway.

4. Hotel Hilltop.

5. Hotel Highland Park.

6. Ahsan Mount Resort.

7. Pahalgam Hotel, and many more.

Places To Visit In Jammu

1. Akhnoor.

2. Amar Mahal.

3. Gurudwara Dera Baba Banda.

4. Krimchi Temple.

5. Mansar lake.

6. Bahu Fort.

7. Mubarak Mandi Complex.

8. Peer Baba Dargah.

9. Raghunath Temple.

10. Purmandal Temple.

11. Salal Dam.

12. Peer Kho Cave.

13. Ranbireshwar Temple.

Places To Visit In Kashmir

1. Gulmarg.

2. Pahalgam.

3. Sonmarg.

4. Srinagar.

5. Aru Valley.

6. Yusmarg.

What You Can Shop In Jammu & Kashmir

1. Paper Mache Items.

2. Walnuts and Dry Fruits.

3. Dogra Jewellery.

4. Crockery items.

5. Traditional Handicrafts of Kashmir.

6. Pashmina Shawls.

7. Willow Baskets.

8. Kashmiri Apples.

9. Wooden Carved Items.

10. Kashmiri Chillies.

11. Bhaderwahi Rajma.

12. Dogra Traditional Jewellery etc.

I assure you that shopping in Jammu & Kashmir is going to prove fun and a collection of exotic items for you. These items are the specialty of Jammu & Kashmir.

History Of Jammu & Kashmir

Jammu & Kashmir used to be a princely state during the rule of the East India Company from 1846 to 1947. This state came into existence after the first Anglo-Sikh war. During the partition of India, Hari Singh jee used to rule Jammu & Kashmir. At that time he was not sure about the integration of Jammu & Kashmir with India.

On 26th October 1947, the Maharaja made his decision and acceded to India after the Indo-Pak war of 1947-48. At that time Maharaja signed the Instrument of Accession. He made this decision after the military help provided to Jammu & Kashmir by the Centre Government during the India-Pak war 1947-48. After that Jammu & Kashmir was given a special status by implementing article 370 in the state. This Article gave special status to the residents of Jammu & Kashmir such as a separate constitution, state flag, and autonomy in its internal administration.

On 6th August 2019, this article was aborted and Jammu & Kashmir was converted to a Union Territory having two divisions: Jammu division and Kashmir division. Both these divisions are now administered by the Central Government of India.

Population Of Jammu & Kashmir

According to the 2011 census, the population in Jammu is 5.06 lakhs whereas the population in Kashmir is 70 lakhs.

Districts In Jammu

Jammu has 10 districts. These are Kathua, Jammu, Udhampur, Samba, Reasi, Rajouri, Doda, Poonch, Ramban, and Kishtwar.

Districts In Kashmir

Kashmir also has 10 districts. They are Anantnag, Kulgam, Pulwama, Budgam, Shopian, Srinagar, Ganderbal, Bandipora, Baramulla, and Kupwara.

Education Rate In Jammu & Kashmir

Jammu & Kashmir has a nearly 70% literacy rate. Out of this 77% of males are literate whereas 58% of females are literate.

Popular Lakes In Jammu & Kashmir

1. Dal Lake.

2. Nigeen Lake.

3. Surinsar Lake.

4. Mansar Lake.

5. Gadior Lake.

6. Kausar Nag Lake.

7. Vishansar Lake.

8. Tarsar Lake.

9. Satsar Lake.

10. Gangabal Lake.

11. Krishansar Lake.

12. Nund Kol Lake.

13. Marsar Lake.

14. Nandan Sar Lake.

15. Sheshnag Lake.

16. Gil Sar Lake.

17. Anchal Lake.

18. Khushal Sar Lake.

19. Tulian Lake.

20. Wular Lake.

Hope you will like this article. Stay connected to read my next articles. Till then Bye! God bless you.

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