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20-Reasons: Why We Should Consume Cantaloupe

by Ashok Raina
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A Cantaloupe divided Into Two Pieces.

 Different fruits have different nutritive values. Some of them have nutrients in plenty whereas some of them have nutrients in lesser quantities. We also know that fruits are rich in fibers that help in regulating our bowel system. Fiber is the common material that is present in every fruit. One such fruit is Cantaloupe which along with fibers is a rich source of many nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. It has numerous health benefits. Very few people are aware of its health benefits. Today our topic of discussion is Cantaloupe and its health benefits. It is a seasonal fruit that is found in the summer season. It belongs to the family of Cucurbitaceae. Its scientific name is ‘Cucumismelo’.

Benefits Of Consuming Cantaloupe

1. Keeps Heart Healthy

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Cantaloupe contains Vitamin-C, Potassium, and Fiber that are very beneficial for our heart’s health. It also contains Potassium which helps in maintaining healthy blood pressure. It helps in lowering our high blood pressure thereby decreasing the risk of heart disease. Fibers present in Cantaloupe help in decreasing LDL( bad cholesterol ) in our bodies and also helps in regulating our bowel system.

2. Helps In Reducing Weight

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Like other fruits, Cantaloupe is also rich in fibers. Consuming a diet rich in fiber is useful for reducing our weight. The same is the case with Cantaloupe, being rich in fibers helps in reducing our weight. It gives a feeling of fullness to our stomach and also helps in regulating our bowel system.

3. Good for our eyes

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Since it is a rich source of vitamin-A, we all know that Vitamin-A is very important for our eye’s health. Its use helps us in increasing our vision. Daily consumption Of Cantaloupe may help us in getting rid of spectacles as it makes our eyesight strong.


4. Helpful In Preventing Cancer

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Its regular use can help us in preventing one of the deadliest diseases ‘cancer’, because of its anti-cancer properties. If consumed in the right quantity during the summer season can help us in preventing our bodies from cancer.

5. Helpful In Diabetes

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Because of the presence of OXECAINE, it can be useful for patients suffering from diabetes. OXECAINE helps in balancing sugar levels in the blood. OXECAINE also helps in decreasing oxidative stress in blood cells. Once the blood sugar level is regulated, the patient suffering from diabetes feels comfortable.

6. Healthy For Our Lungs

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Cantaloupe is a rich source of Beta-Carotene. Beta-Carotene is very beneficial for patients suffering from Asthama and different lung diseases even patients suffering from lung cancer may be benefitted from it.

7. Helps In Developing Strong Immune System

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Being a rich source of Vitamin-C, which is a good anti-oxidant thereby helps in maintaining a strong immune system. We also know that when our immune system is strong, we don’t easily fall prey to various infectious diseases.

8. Helpful during pregnancy

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Cantaloupe is also a rich source of Folic acid. It has plenty of Folic acid in it. Folic acid is very good for the development of a baby’s brain and spinal bones. At the same time, Vitamin-C present in it will continue to play its role. So, it’s a prescribed fruit for pregnant women. Doctors generally prescribe it to the ladies according to its availability. Overall we can say that no other fruit is as beneficial for pregnant women as Cantaloupe.

9. Helps In Reducing Menstrual Pain

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Cantaloupe seeds, if consumed can prove to be beneficial for women who suffer from menstrual pain. Moreover, researchers have found that if the suffering woman is given 3gm of Cantaloupe seeds mixed with 3g sugar for three days, can help the woman in getting rid of menstrual pain. It means that 6g of dose for three days has to be administered by the suffering lady.

10. Helpful In Quitting The Habit Of Smoking

People who smoke are found to be deficient in Beta-Carotene and Vitamin-C because of their habit. Consuming Cantaloupe helps in maintaining their deficient level of Vitamin-C and Beta-Carotene which can help them quit the habit, which further can prevent the risk of heart attack or any heart trouble.

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11. Helpful In Toothache

The presence of various vitamins and minerals along with vitamin C can help in relieving toothache also. Vitamin C an antioxidant will play its part in this case also.

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12. Helpful In Relieving Stress Level

The presence of Vitamin B6 and magnesium makes it a beneficial fruit for decreasing our stress levels as the said vitamins are very important in getting down our stress levels.

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13. Improves Digestion

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As discussed earlier Cantaloupe is a fruit rich in fibers. The presence of high fibers makes it an ideal fruit to improve our digestion levels.

14. Helpful In Insomnia

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High-stress levels can cause insomnia. As we discussed that it helps in decreasing stress levels means the chances of getting insomnia are reduced. Stress is the main reason behind insomnia which can be cured by its consumption

15. Helpful In Skin Problems

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People suffering from various skin problems can consume it and get relief from them, especially in the case of ECZEMA. Oil of Cantaloupe is very helpful in curing ECZEMA.

16. Gives Relief From Arthritis

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Scientific researchers say that lack of Vitamin C is the cause of Arthritis moreover Cantaloupe is rich in Vitamin C and can fulfill the deficiency of Vitamin C in patients suffering from Arthritis. When this deficiency is fulfilled means relief in pain in such patients can be noticed.

17. Can Be Used In Tea Form

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We can consume Cantaloupe in the form of tea also. All the medicinal benefits remain the same in its tea form whereas the presence of Vitamin C and Zinc can help prevent hair fall. Those who aren’t fond of taking it in the form of fruit can take it in the form of tea and the fact remains that Cantaloupe tea is considered to be more beneficial as for as reducing weight is concerned. 

18. Helps In Removing Kidney Stones

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The presence of citric acid in it makes it ideal for removing kidney stones. According to researchers, citric acid is an important component for removing kidney stones from the body.

19. Hydrates The Skin

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Because of the presence of the high amount of water in it, it is very useful for hydrating not only our skin but our whole body. Its consumption can fulfill the requirement of water in our bodies.

20. Has Positive Effect On Increasing Age Signs

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The presence of Antioxidants prevents the aging impact on our skin. Its consumption internally or externally tends to reduce the impact of increasing age on our body and skin also.

Forms In Which Cantaloupe Can Be Used

Cantaloupe can be used in any form. It can be used externally, internally, and in the form of tea also so, its consumption in any form is beneficial in one way or another.

How To Use It Externally

The paste of the Cantaloupe pulp or the powder of the Cantaloupe seeds can be applied on the face or all over the body to reduce the aging impact also the oil of the seeds can be used by patients suffering from Arthritis. For healthy skin, it can be mixed with lemon juice before application and in case of Arthritis, it can be mixed with mustard oil before applying it to the affected area.

Best Time For Consuming It

It can be taken any time during the day but the best time remains in the morning before taking breakfast or in the evening. Remember it should be consumed when its season is on that is the summer season.

How Much Quantity Can Be Consumed By A Person During The Day

It can be consumed in any quantity as anyone wishes to have it. In that case, the person has to reduce his calorie or carbohydrate intake.

Nutritional Facts Per 100g

Folates                                      5%    

Niacin                                       4.5%

Pantothenic acid                       2%

Pyridoxine                                 5.5%

Riboflavin                                  2%

Thiamin                                     1%

Vitamin A                                  112%

Vitamin C                                  61%

” E                                0.5%

” K                                 2%

Sodium                                       0%

Potassium                                   6%

Calcium                                      1%

Copper                                        4.5%

Iron                                              2.5%

Magnesium                                  3%

Manganese                                   2%

Zinc                                               1.5%

Disclaimer: The information provided by me in this article is based on scientific research and we also know that Cantaloupe is a natural fruit having no side effects therefore If anybody has some doubts about it, may consume it after the consultation of a Doctor.

Hope you will enjoy reading this article. Stay connected to read such articles in the future also. Till then Bye!

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