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15- Best, Unexplored Treks In India ( 2023 )

by Ashok Raina
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A person walking on rocky trek.


India is famous all over the world for its trekking sites. What to say if the trekking is through the Himalayas? For many of you, it is a dream. You might have heard that dreams become true if the intention and strong determination is there. The breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains, stunning landscapes, majestic valleys, and picturesque natural beauty will drag you out of your routine lives. Every step you move forward is going to enthrall you. You will start believing that you have reached some other world.

You will receive a simple but heart-touching welcome from the local people. Their cooperative nature will make you think, what a selfish life you are living. I don’t mean to say that you are selfish. Please, don’t take it otherwise. If you get a chance to visit these places you will get the answer yourself. Do remember my words.

Polite nature, the hospitality of the locals, local cuisines, and learning about their way of learning are going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Now, let’s discuss unexplored treks in India without any delay.

List Of 15 Unexplored Treks In India

1. Warwan Valley Trek, Ladakh, and Kashmir.


2. Kuari Pass Trek, Uttarakhand.

3. Brahmatal Trek, Chamoli, Uttarakhand.

4. Kedarkantha Trek, Uttarakhand.

5. Markha Valley Trek, Ladakh.

6. The Miyar Valley Trek, Himachal Pradesh.

7. Great Lakes Trek, Srinagar/Kashmir.

8. Buran Ghati Trek, Himachal Pradesh.

9. Pin Parvati Trek, Himachal Pradesh.

10. Rupin Pass Trek, Uttarakhand.

11. Kedartal Trek, Uttarakhand.

12. Naranag Mahlish Trek, Kashmir.

13. Tarsar Marsar Trek, Pahalgam/Kashmir.

14. Alpine Lakes Trek, Kashmir.

15. Nubra Valley Trek, Ladakh.

1. Warwan Valley Trek

A traveler on Warwan Valley Trek.

This is one of the untouched and unique treks in Ladakh/Kashmir. You must be astonished to know the fact that even some of the residents of Kashmir may not have heard about the Warwan Valley trek. The people who love to travel unique treks, this spot is made for them by nature.

You can see stunning views of the Himalayas and the pass from Leh to Kashmir is a memorable moment that you can’t forget throughout your life. The appealing beauty of this trek will make you feel as if you have entered a new world.

This trek lies partially in Ladakh and partially in Kashmir. It means that you can glorify the beauties of two great places in one trip. On one side of the trek, you can visualize the snow-capped beautiful mountains of Ladakh and on the other side, the lush green meadows of Kashmir will attract your attention.

2. Kuari Pass Trek, Uttarakhand

A couple on Kuari Pass Trek.

Kuari pass trek is considered to be the best trek for beginners. It was first explored by Lord Curzon. To reach this trek you have to pass through beautiful small villages. During winter these villages are covered with snow, which makes them a glorious place to visit. While passing through these small villages you will feel that you are passing through a wonderland. From Kuari pass you can have a beautiful view of some of the famous mountains of India. These mountains are Nanda Devi, Mt. Kamet, Mt. Dronagiri, and many more. The best time to trek this pass is from November to March.

Not only beginners but also experienced trekkers love to trek Kuari pass. It is an ideal trek every trekker must trek in his/her life. Beautiful meadows, dense forests in Garhwal Himalayas, and remote Temples are the main attractions of this trek.

In short Warwan trek is a must-visit trek for people who like adventurous but less crowded treks.

3. Brahmatal Trek, Chamoli, Uttarakhand

Trekkers on the top of Brahmatal Trek.

To reach this trek you are again supposed to pass through villages and thick forests. This trek is not very challenging and is best for beginners. During the winter season, it is covered with snow. You will find a white blanket of snow everywhere but during the summer season you will find the beauty at its bloom in the form of blooming flowers and clear lakes.

Brahmatal trek offers trekking opportunities during the winter season. It offers magnificent views of snow-covered mountains. The stunning views of reflection from Mt. Trishul and Mt. Nanda Ghunti will make you shell-shocked. The main source of attraction for this trek is the frozen lake at the top of Brahmatal peak.

Brahmatal trek is the most favorite trek in India during the winter season because the other treks remain closed due to excessive snowfall.

It is also believed that Brahmatal Lake is a place where Lord Brahma used to meditate.

4. Kedarkantha Trek, Uttarakhand

Trekkers on Kedarkantha Trek.

Uttarakhand is very famous for trekking activities. Yet another trek in Uttarakhand is Kedarkantha. It is also a winter trek. This trek starts from a pine forest and passes through beautiful meadows and finally you reach the peak. From the top of the summit, you can have a glorious view of the adjoining areas in all four directions and can visualize snow-capped mountains like Swargarahini, Bandarpoonch, and Black peak.

This trek also includes a journey through various streams, frozen lakes, and lush green mesmerizing forests. The places where you can camp are all wonderful to watch. Another noticeable place from which this trek passes is Govind Vihar National Park.

As you climb higher and higher up the mountain the doors of the wonderful world of the Himalayas open for you and you start experiencing that you are in the heaven of beauty.

5. Markha Valley Trek, Ladakh

Markha Valley Trek.

Ladakh is world famous for its beauty. It is one of the famous tourist destinations in India. It is visited only because of its beauty, a very less number of people know about the other side of the coin. I mean to say that a very less number of people know that Ladakh offers incredible trekking opportunities. 

Markha Valley Trek is one such trek in Ladakh that you can enjoy for at least 8-10 days. During these days you are supposed to pass through stunning scenery along the Indus river, small villages, shops, and tea houses, where you can take a rest after a tough climb.

A visit to Tachia Monastery is the most important part of this trek. The beauty of this place will make you feel that you have discovered a new paradise on earth.

The journey to this trek starts from Leh where you can visit various Monasteries. You must be astonished to know the fact that the villages en route the trek remained cut off from the other parts of India for a long time because of the absence of roads.

6. Miyar Valley Trek, Himachal Pradesh

Miyar Valley Trek.

This trek lies in the Himalayas between the Pir Panjal and Zanskar hills. The Miyar Nala river is famous in this area. During this trek, you are supposed to pass through various but small villages having very less populations, various plains, high altitude open areas, and finally you reach your destination.

This trek is not visited by a large number of trekkers as it hasn’t been yet explored for tourism. The local people of these villages belong mostly to Buddhist culture. By staying and interacting with them you will be able to know and understand more about their culture.

Beautiful flowers, wild grass, roaming horses, and sheep are the identities of these villages.

It is a perfect place to trek during the spring season as the beauty of nature is at its peak during this time. During the late summer season, you may find Gaddis and Bakarwals grazing their flocks of cattle.

7. Great Lakes Trek, Srinagar/Kashmir

Great Lakes Trek.

Kashmir Great Lake Trek is full of adventures and beauty. It is a gem created by God in the Himalayas in Kashmir. Throughout this trek, you will find various colorful flowers, clear lakes, unique terrains, beautiful valleys, and high-altitude passes that will keep your brain fresh and the awakening of your senses. This is a 9-day trek that attracts trekkers from all over the world. It is a dream coming true for trekkers.

You will find the melting of ice from the glaciers and the feeding of lakes from the glaciers. You can easily find ice floating on the lakes.

The various famous treks are the Gadsar Lake trek, Satsar Lake trek, and Gandrabal Lake trek where you can go for various adventurous activities and have fun.

This trek shows that the real beauty of Kashmir lies in hidden valleys, not in cities. If you are a nature lover, you should at least visit this trek once in your life.

The base camp for the Kashmir Great Lakes trek lies in Sonamarg. From Sonamarg onwards you can take the assistance of an experienced guide.

8. Buran Ghati Trek, Himachal Pradesh

A camp near Buran Ghati Trek.

The Himalayas are always famous for attracting trekkers. History reveals the fact that the Himalayas never fail to attract trekkers. Buran Ghati Trek is one such trek with a history of attracting trekkers from all over the world.

En route Buran Ghati Trek you will find Pine and Oak tree forests. As it can be called a swag to pass through such calm places, nature lovers accept it happily. This trek is also full of challenges.

You can have stunning views of Chandranahan lake from here. Chandraharan Lake is frozen for the most part of the year and is surrounded by beautiful flowers and gushing streams.

This trek is situated at an altitude of 15,059 feet, you can have panoramic views in all four directions from the top of this peak. During this trek, you are going to get a complete package of flora, fauna, and exciting adventures. Descending the trek is an exciting experience that you will never forget.

9. Pin Parvati Pass Trek, Himachal Pradesh

Trekkers On Pin Parvati Pass Trek.

Pin Parvati pass is a trek that connects Pin Valley in Spiti and the Parvati Valley in Kullu. You will find lush green forests, waterfalls, bridges, streams, and wonderful meadows en route to Parvati Pass Trek. The transition between the countryside and the mountains is a wonderful experience that most trekkers love.

Transition in cultural values can also be gained while trekking this pass. As the route has Buddhist and Hindu regions which will add to your cultural knowledge and can gain a lot about these religions.

The whole trek needs 10-12 days. Trekkers need endurance and trekking knowledge. As it is a complex terrain, so it is advised to trek cautiously on this trek.

Trekkers who love photography can open their hands and can capture memorable moments. The kind of biodiversity found during this trek can’t be found during any other trek.

10. Rupin Pass Trek, Uttarakhand

A Trekker on Rupin Pass Trek.

Uttarakhand is a house to many stunning mountain treks. Rupin Pass trek is one of them. The joy of trekking through the Rupin Pass trek is beyond our imagination. One can’t explain the joy in words.

You have to pass through various beautiful places having romantic charm. Trekking through Alpine forests makes the experience more joyful. The trek has stunning waterfalls and can be called the miracle of nature. Rupin pass is situated at a height of 15,250 feet and one can have a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains while sitting on its top.

This trek is full of adventures and one has to counter with flora, fauna, mountains, and beautiful waterfalls throughout the trek. It is one of the adventurous, and scenic treks that any trekker loves to trek on. This trek begins in Dhaulo Uttarakhand and ends in Sangla, Himachal Pradesh.

11. Kedartal Trek, Uttarakhand

Kedartal Lake.

This trek is in the holy town of Gangotri where you will find many glaciers and blue lakes. After visualizing all these beauties you will reach Kedartal lake which is surrounded by mountains that enhance the beauty of this lake. This lake is surrounded by great peaks like Mt. Thalay Sagar, Mt. Meru, and Mt. Bhrigupanth.

The Dreamland of Kedartal Lake, known as Shiva’s land will fascinate you the most. You can take some photographs here for your long-lasting memory. After returning home you will never forget these golden moments. Trekkers love such treks. 

It’s not an easy trek for new trekkers. Precautions should be taken while trekking on such treks. You have to prepare yourself physically and mentally before going on such treks.

There is no habitation at such a high altitude. You may find a few trekkers en route and will get a feeling that the whole mountain belongs to you. You will see the beautiful views of the Bhoj forest and high-altitude meadows.

The most difficult part of this trek is the spider wall which requires special training for trekkers to trek on this part. So, be careful. After completing the trek, a sense of achievement surrounds your mind and you feel satisfied.

All those trekkers who love challenges and have got experience can trek it. Remember, be physically and mentally strong before going on such treks.

12. Naranag Mahlish Trek, Kashmir

Trekkers on Naranag Mahlish Trek.

It is one of the few trekking places in Kashmir that offers a captivating trail throughout the year. The most important thing about this trek is that it has a different return route which makes it more exciting.

This trek is considered to be an easy trek by experts. However, both experts and non-experts can trek this route. This trek is situated at a height of 12,467 feet and needs a minimum of 6 days. The total distance one needs to cover during this trek is 33 km.

The main attractions of this trek are the Twin Alpine Lakes of Gangabal and Nundkol, beautiful meadows, stunning peaks, and diverse views.

The return route is through Kolesar Lake situated at an altitude of 3,880 meters. This trek concludes at Chattergul village below the meadow of Mahlish.

13. Tarsar Marsar Trek, Pehalgam/Kashmir

A camp on Tarsar Marsar Trek.

This stunning trek lies 5 km away from Sundarsar and is situated at the height of 13,500 feet. Beautiful grasslands and stunning surroundings of the Kolahi Mountains make it a marvelous experience. The twin lakes and Pristine waters ensure that nature is welcoming you in its lap.

Beginners can also glorify the beauty of this trek as the difficulty level of this trek is rated easy. This trek is one of the most famous treks in Kashmir valley. Trekkers from all over the world love to trek Tarsar Marsar.

As the Persian poet said,” If there is a paradise on earth, it is here in Kashmir.” this will come true for you while trekking Tarsar Marsar. Another wonderful experience you will witness is the perfect stillness of Azure water and camping by the glacial lakes which will make you almost mum because of their beauty.

En route, you have to pass through little thatch-roofed hamlets where beautiful and cooperative people live. Welcoming locals, grasslands, hovering Pine trees, the stillness of Azure waters, and camping at glacial lakes are the things that you are never going to forget throughout your life.

14. Alpine Lakes Trek, Kashmir

Alpine Lakes Trek.

This trek is nestled in the Himalayas and promises a visit to the most majestic lakes in Kashmir. The most famous Dal Lake is one of them. Some of these unexplored lakes are Vishansar Lake, Krishnasar Lake, Yamsar Lake, Gadsar Lake, Satsar Lake, Nandkol Lake, and many more. All these lakes have beauty and history of their own.

Trekking in Kashmir and especially to these great lakes is going to be once in a lifetime experience. This trail covers major Alpine Lakes in Kashmir. The two most famous of them are Naranag-Gangabal Lake and Nundkol Lake via Budhsheri. These lakes are the most visited Alpine lake treks in Kashmir as the difficulty level of these treks is moderate. 20% of the total trek is just a normal walk. This trek starts from the famous village Naranag.

Expert hikers can cover the distance in 8-10 hours. The trekking route provides mind-blowing views of mountains, waterfalls, big posture lands, gushing streams, dancing Alpine trees, and natural beauty.

Overall, the time you spend during this trek will never fade and may never come into your life again. Capture the moments for your memories.

15. Nubra Valley Trek, Ladakh

Nubra Valley Trek.

Ladakh has its share, as for as the best trekking sites are concerned. Nubra valley trek is one of the most famous treks in Ladakh. It offers wonderful and exciting trekking experiences to visitors. This part of The Himalayan region is no less than heaven for trekkers who love natural beauty and adventures.

This trek from Phyang to Hunder connects the Indus valley to the Nubra valley. The highest point of this trek is Lasermo La Pass ( 5,438 m ) which is always covered with snow even during the summer season. This trek takes 6-10 days to get covered. As for as the difficulty level is concerned, it is marked at level 3. You can have a mesmerizing view of the Karakoram range by reaching the highest point of this trek at Lasermo La Pass.

Other attractions of this trek are a ride on the double-humped Bactrian Camel and a visit to Diskit Gompa in Nubra Valley.

Precautions While On A Trek

1. Get updated about the weather forecast.

2. Don’t trek alone.

3. Keep your trekking essentials.

4. Don’t rely on your cell phones.

5. Pack light belongings.

6. Learn how to survive an animal attack.

7. Take the guidance of an expert.

8. Take small steps while trekking on the difficult parts of the trek.

9. Use ropes and trekking shoes of good quality.

10. Don’t leave the group otherwise you can be lost.

Expert Trekking Tips You Must Know

1. Carry less weight.

2. Wear a suncap.

3. Always trek with two trekking poles.

4. Use betadine solution to purify water.

5. Don’t wear cotton clothes.

6. Take small steps while climbing up.

7. Keep yourself hydrated.

8. Carry a torch with you.

Risks While Trekking

1. Dehydration.

2. Sun.

3. Poisoning with wild herbs and shrubs.

4. Parasites.

5. Bad weather.

6. Camping sense.

Fitness Tips Before Going On A Trek

1. Run or walk on the sand to build stamina.

2. Use a resistance band to build your stamina.

3. Sit-ups for strong leg muscles.

4. Push-ups for strong muscles.

5. Perform cardio exercises.

6. Squats and lunges.

7-Principles Of Trekking

1. Plan and execute.

2. Travel and camp in safe and durable places.

3. Respect wildlife.

4. Leave what you find during trekking.

5. Dispose of waste things.

6. Carry necessary and light objects only.

7. Be helpful to other trekkers.

Is Trekking Good For Our Body?

Trekking will make you physically and mentally strong. Your decision-making abilities will grow also.

Is Trekking Helpful In Weightloss?

Yes, it will help in burning your extra fat. Your cardio muscular activities will improve.

Which State Is Popular For Trekking?

States like Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, and the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir are best for trekking.

Which Is The Prettiest Trek In India?

The Tarsar Marsar trek in Kashmir is the prettiest trek that trekkers from all over the world like to trek on. You will be able to have heaven-like views of lakes from Tarsar to Marsar, and then to Sundarsar.

5-Best Himalayan Treks For Beginners

1. Kedarkantha Trek.

2. Trek to Beas Kund.

3. Kuari Pass Trek.

4. Har Ki Dun Trek.

5. Hampa Pass Trek.

Which Season Is Best For Trekking?

Winter season is best for trekking as during this time the Himalayan region freezes over and the snow falls. Trekking can be challenging. Adventure lovers love to trek during this season.

Types Of Trekking

There are four main types of trekking.

1. Easy Trekking.

2. Moderate Trekking.

3. Stenuous Trekking.

4. Difficult Trekking.

Minimum Age For Trekking

You must be at least 8 years or older. This age limitation is applicable for mild or easy treks.

What Do You Mean By Difficult Trek?

Trekking for more than 10 days and 10 hours a day is called difficult trekking.

Can Female Trekkers Trek During Periods?

Yes, of course until and unless you keep a few things handy and maintain your hygiene.

Hope you will enjoy reading this article. Stay connected to read the next articles. Till then Bye! God bless you all.

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