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15 Best Motivational Speakers in India (2023)

by Ashok Raina
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 Every coin has two faces. The same is the case with our lives. Sometimes we sail in the sea of happiness and sometimes bad times surround us. If moments of joy are there, sad times are sure to take place. These are the times when we are surrounded by negative thoughts. Everything happens just opposite to, what we have thought. It seems that we will not get out of this glitch. At this very time, motivational speakers can prove to be helpful. Today’s topic is about trending top motivational speakers in India. By hearing the thoughts of such people one can come out of a worse situation. These speakers inoculate positivity in our brain which may help us a lot. These motivational speakers have answers to every question and every problem.

List of 15 Best Motivational Speakers in India

I am going to present the list of the best motivational speakers in India who are capable of changing the direction of your lives. God knows, who may get inspired by reading this article. I will suggest you listen to these speakers if you want to change your life. You can also attend their seminars or workshops to get inspired.

1. Shiv Khera

Source: www.instagram.com

Khera was born on 13th November 1961 in Dhanbad, Jharkhand ( India ). A passionate and hardworking man who once worked as a car washer at the beginning of his career. He also worked as an insurance agent. He belonged to a business family that operated in coal mines. Finally, he became successful as a motivational speaker. He has also written a popular book ” You Can Win “. Presently he is living with his family in Delhi. He delivers motivational seminars all over the world. He had started The Bhartiya Rashtravadi Samanta party in 2008. The goal of this party is to make people aware of various political issues. His motivational speeches have a great influence on the listeners. He is well admired by his followers. Presently he is 61 years old but still, he is going great guns.

2. Robin Sharma

Source: www. facebook.com

Robin Sharma was born on 16th June 1964 in Uganda, East Asia. A lawyer by profession, who quit his job to become a motivational speaker. Robin was born in Uganda, East Asia having Indian origin. He is presently settled in Canada. He became famous because of his book, ” The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”. In this book, he has described the life of a lawyer who finds the right path in life. Presently he trains people in leadership skills and works for big companies.


He has written other famous books also. “The 5 AM Club”, “Mega Living”, “Who Will Cry When You Die”. These books have gained popularity among the masses. Robin is 58 years old but is an energetic dude. With the passing of age, he is gaining more popularity as he has mastered the art of captivating the public. He hosts many workshops, and seminars and writes motivational books also.

3. Jaggi Vasudev

Source: www. facebook.com

He is one of the most famous motivational speakers in India. He is also known as Sadguru. Sadguru was born on 3rd September 1957 in Karnataka ( India ). He has written many motivational spiritual books. ” Inner Engineering “, and ” Dhyanalinga ” are some of his famous books. He was awarded Padma Vibhushan in 2017 for his excellent work. He has done B.A from the University of Mysore. His speeches are a combination of Spiritual knowledge, wit, sarcasm, and creativity. Jaggi very effectively delivers the art of keeping calm in worse conditions and also guides people to remain away from negative thoughts. He can be seen on youtube channels having inspiring discussions on serious topics of life. He is 65 years old now but keeps on motivating the youth.

4. Deepak Chopra

Source: www. instagram.com

Deepak Chopra was born on 22nd October 1994 in New Delhi ( India ). He is a doctor by profession. Deepak completed his degree from the All India Institute Of Medical Sciences. His life was greatly influenced when he came in contact with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Today he is one of the top 15 motivational speakers in India. Millions of people have benefitted because of his medical knowledge mixed with motivational thoughts. His ideas have helped, rejuvenated and de-stressed millions of people in his healing centers spread all over India. He has got American citizenship and does his motivational work in America also. Now he is 76 years old but is serving society with the same zeal.

5. Dr. Ujjwal Patni

Source: www.instagram.com

Dr. Ujjwal Patni was born on 13th November 1973 in Chandigarh ( India ). Winner of 15 prestigious awards including the Best Corporate Trainer of India, is all about the impact of his motivational speeches. He always delivers in Hindi which the Indians mostly understand. His show “Ujjwal Patni Show” which is based on life and business, is watched by 2 million Indians every week. Ujjwal is not only watched in India but also across 75 countries on his youtube channel. Ujjwal has influenced his inspirational thoughts on the lives of many people and has many Guinness World Records in his name.

He has been awarded the Prestigious Gold Creator Award by youtube and was born in a business family. He is the youngest author in India and has achieved success quickly. Today, he is one of the top motivational speakers in India. He is 49 years old but looks very energetic and active compared to his age. He is well known as a business coach also.

6. Dr. Vivek Bindra

Source: www.statesman.com

He is known as the master in the art of Empowering people. He was born on 5th April 1982 in Delhi ( India ). Vivek too has motivated thousands through his flamboyant speeches. Bindra is a world-class author also and has written the 10 most potent motivational books. He has done M.B.A, the impact of which can be noticed in his speeches. Vivek has got expertise in leadership development skills and is not only famous in India but also in foreign countries. He was awarded The Best Leadership Trainer In Asia award at World HRD Congress. He has helped thousands of people in realizing their potential. Whenever he delivers, you can see an energetic Vivek Bindra in action mode. Bindra is a famous leadership consultant also. His way of delivering is different from others. Whenever he speaks his energies are at their peak.

7. Dr. Sudha Murty

Source: www.twitter.com

Sudha Murty was born on 19th August 1950 in Karnataka ( India ). Sudha completed her degree from B.V.B College of Engineering and Technology. She is the Chairperson of the Infosys Foundation and is 72 years old. She is best known for her simplicity also. Her words are as simple as she is. Her simple but solid personality attracts many people. When she starts speaking in simple words, giving a clear message about the importance of dreams, everyone can imagine her high thinking abilities. She always guides people to be generous and empathetic towards others.

Sudha also has motivated millions of people through her simple and clear speeches. She has also guided many of us in the strategies to win and succeed. Some women are born to inspire. She is one of those women who has helped others in achieving their goals. She has also written many books in English and Kannada. Some of the famous books written by her are, “The Upside Down King”, “Grandma’s Bag Of Stories”, and “House Of Cards”.

8. P.M Narendra Modi

Source: www.newstrack.com

He was born on 17th September 1950 in Vadnagar, Gujrat ( India ). He was born to a poor family. During his childhood, because of poverty, he was forced to work at a tea shop. Somehow he managed to complete his B.A degree. His hard work paid and he achieved the heights of his life. The Prime minister of India is another personality who lefts no stone unturned to motivate the people, especially the youth.

The power of a Prime minister plus engaging speeches has won a huge fan base for him. His style of delivery, eye contact, and body gestures altogether attract a large number of people. People from the far-flung areas come to listen to his words. He knows the art of connecting with the audience. Narendra always keeps them engaged and interested in his speeches. He has become an ideal motivator for lakhs of youths. Today he is 71 and is working 16 hours a day for the welfare of people.

9. Sneh Desai

Source: www.snehdesai.com

Sneh Desai was born on 12th August 1985 in Gujrat ( India ). A famous motivator who started motivating people at the age of just 9. Today he is a trained motivator for people of all age groups. He is just 37 years old. His sessions are full of energy. He is a famous Motivational Speaker and a Spiritual Guru. Not only the men but women, children, and old people have been motivated by his positive spiritual thinking, positive mindset, and communication skills.

He tries to indulge the same qualities in his listeners also. He has trained 21 lakh people in India. His workshop namely ‘Change Your Life is one of the most admired events in India. Till now he has conducted over 1000+ Change your life seminars and nearly 250 Change your life workshops. Desai is not only famous in India but also in foreign countries. He has done Degree in Microsoft engineering. He is the youngest Motivational speaker in India.

10. T.S Madan

Source: www. youtube.com

He is one of the most experienced motivators having experience of around 40 years. Madan was born in a well-settled Punjabi family in Amritsar on 14th November 1958 in Amritsar ( India ). Madan has completed his degree from D.A.V College Amritsar. He is a famous Motivational speaker and a YouTuber. He conducts his sessions in a mixed language which is a mixture of Hindi and English. Being in this profession for a long period has mastered motivational skills.

His specializations are self-confidence, positive thinking, time management, anger management, and leadership skills. He was awarded UDYOG RATTAN from IES, the President of India, and a certificate of excellence in motivational techniques. In addition to that he too has been awarded by various Govt. and non-Govt. organizations for his contribution towards developing positive thinking in the minds of people. Presently, he is 64 years old but is still active in his profession.

11. Priya Kumar

Source: www.priyakumar.com

Priya was born on 4th March 1974 in Chandigarh ( India ). Priya Kumar has completed her Master’s degree in Psychotherapy. Kumar is one of the best-selling Authors and Motivational speakers in India, and also writes articles for some magazines, then transformed her profession from an author to a motivational speaker after the death of his mentor, Niranjan Patel. Priya likes motivating young children in the right direction and advises them to remain away from drugs and habit-forming substances. She also enjoys writing books, and articles, very often writes them, and has been habitual in writing articles right from an early age. She is the author of 12 books. Her book, ‘License To Live’ was nominated for Vodafone Crossword Book Award in 2010. Now she is 46 years old and completely involved in her profession.

12. Gul Panag

Source: www.indiaforums.com

Gul Panag was born on 3rd January 1979 in Chandigarh ( India ). A passionate lady who is a well-known actor, aviator, producer, and fitness icon. Whatsoever the work she performs is from the core of her heart and up to perfection. likes to work hard on her physical fitness and also motivates people to remain fit by performing physical exercises. She likes to do shooting practice also. She is fond of handling guns and often shoots. Her motivational speeches are on the topics like; gender equality, environmental issues, fundamental rights, and corruption. She likes to have a debate on current and burning issues prevailing in our society. Her father was in the army so the family moved to different places across India. She got her education from 14 different schools, which gave her a lot of exposure. At 43 she still is pursuing her profession with all her might.

13. Sonu Sharma

Source: www. networthdekho.com

He is presently one of the youngest motivational speakers in India and is a successful author, business consultant, educator, and entrepreneur. Sonu Sharma was born on11th November 1981 in Faridabad, Haryana ( India ). He can be called a real hero who has motivated thousands of youths through his motivational art. His research in the field of direct sales has put many organizations on the path to success.

He jets around the globe and motivates people, which shows good results too. More than 5 lakh people attend his seminars, in India. He is one of the highest-earning motivators in India. He has the best expertise in software development. Sonu Sharma leads the highest-selling grosser network in India. His charming personality and the way of delivering words are something to explain. His impact on the audience can’t be explained in words. Just attend one of his seminars and feel the difference. He is still young ( 41 ) and is willing to achieve many milestones.

14. Sandeep Maheshwari

Source: www. wallpaperaccess.com

He is the C.E.O of Images Bazar, the largest collection of Indian images worldwide, and has proved himself a good motivational speaker over a short period. Sandeep was born on 28th September 1980 in Delhi ( India ). His educational qualification is a Diploma in Sales and Marketing. He is on the list of top 10 motivational speakers in India and belonged to a middle-class family. At the beginning of his career, he was in debt because most of his businesses failed. Finally, because of his hard work, he succeeded in his ideas and made his place. Today, he is one of the most earning motivational speakers in India. Today he is a successful Entrepreneur, Photographer, and motivational speaker. His site holds a collection of more than 1 lakh Indian models with 1100 photographers. Presently at 42, he is using all his energies to achieve the maximum.

15. Yogesh Chabria

Source: www. yourselfquotes.com

Yogesh Chabria was born on 28th October 1984 in Mumbai ( India ). At the young age of just 38, he has achieved, what others even can’t achieve throughout their whole lives. Yogesh is the largest earning motivational speaker in India. His net worth is 10 Million USD. He is the best motivational speaker, bestselling author, entrepreneur, and founder of The Happionaire@Way. Right from a young age, he has been motivating people not only in India but abroad also. He has made people from all walks of life realize their dreams and potential. He has motivated them in converting their dreams into reality. His live training sessions are mind-blowing and full of energy and knowledge. He travels all over the world to share his knowledge and experience. 

 Other Noticeable Motivational Speakers In India

1. Shalini Saraswati

2. Naina Lal Kidwai

3. Ankur Warikoo

4. Lt. General Raymond Noronha

5.. Ashish Vidyarthi

6. Prakash Iyer

7. Indrawil Chakraborty

8. Arunima Sinha

9. Ram G Vallath

10. Diana Hayden

11. Yogesh Chabria

12. Deepak Chopra.

Who Is The Number One Motivational Speaker In India?

Yogesh Chabaria is the most popular Motivational speaker in India. He is popular not only in India but abroad also.

Who Is Asia’s Number One Motivational Speaker?

Sadguru Jaggi Vasudeva is Asia’s number one motivational speaker. His speeches mixed with spiritual teachings and his experience of delivering makes him different from others.

How Much Does A Motivational Speaker Earn In India?

The average earnings of a motivational speaker in Inda is nearly Rs. 50000 per month. Some of them earn lakhs of Rupees per month whereas some of them earn below average.

What Is The Qualification Needed To Become A Motivational Speaker?

No, qualification is needed to become a motivational speaker. The person should be well versed in the art of speaking fluently in any one of the languages. The person should be the knowledgeable one having a charming personality. The art of delivering and body gestures also play an important role in the life of a motivational speaker.

What Is The Best Age To Become A motivational Speaker?

There is no specific age to become a motivational speaker. The sooner you will start, the smarter you will be. Moreover, knowledge plays an important role in the lives of motivational speakers.

Who Is The Highest Earning Motivational Speaker In India?

Yogesh Chabria is the highest-earning motivational speaker in India.

Who Is The Youngest Motivational Speaker In India?

Yogesh Chabria is the youngest motivational speaker in India.

I have collected the information after doing a lot of hard work. If any mistake is found, please text me. Stay connected to read my next articles. Till Then Bye! God bless you all.

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